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 Fun with mountain carting in Flachau at Sport am Jet
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Go mountain carting in Flachau at Sport am Jet

Do you enjoy sledging in winter? In that case, you should absolutely try mountain carting. First you go up on the mountain – of course comfortably with a shuttle bus, so that you arrive relaxed at the starting point. After a short introduction, it is time to pick up some speed, drift through the turns and have fun. You can determine your own speed. If you like to go slower, you can simply pull the brakes and enjoy the ride at your own pace.

Because we know that the whole ride is a lot of fun, we add a second round. The shuttle bus brings you back to the starting point. Here you can recharge your batteries during a leisurely stop (food and drinks are not included in the price) before your second fast descent into the valley.

Knowing where to go

Our shuttle service takes you to the Sattelbauer restaurant, where you will receive a short introduction. Also, a perfect place to get some refreshments in between the two rounds. The trail then leads partly over the access road and partly through the forest down to the valley.

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Video 1 - Mountaincart Video 1 - Mountaincart

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