Learn how to snowboard in Flachau with sport am jet
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New from summer 2021
New from summer 2021
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Bambini (3 & 4 years) - half day
from€ 171,-
Kids & Teens (7-14 years) - full day
from€ 239,-
Telemark Workshop
from€ 179,-
Segway Almtour
from€ 59,-
Segway Light Tour Flachau
from€ 45,-
Segway Panorama Tour
from€ 69,-
Young Gun's Camp (10-16 years) - full day
from€ 239,-
Snowboard course Kids - full day
from€ 98,-
Segway Lake Tour
from€ 59,-
50,- EURO Voucher
from€ 50,-
Skilessons Adult Beginner
from€ 98,-
Kids (5 & 6 years) - full day
from€ 239,-
Segway Rental 1 to 2 hours
from€ 40,-
Privatstunden Ski __ EN Name
from€ 95,-
Snowbike Workshop min. 5 people - 2 half a day(s)
from€ 39,-
more details
from€ 10,-
more details
Stoneman Taurista
from€ 29,-
more details

Snowboard courses in Flachau for beginners and advanced at the ski and snowboard school Sport am Jet

Would you like to learn how to snowboard or to improve your technique? Whether freestyle, freeride or race, at the snowboard school Sport am Jet in Flachau you will be taught the right technique under professional guidance. In no time you will make your first turns as a snowboard beginner or have refined your style and technique as an advanced snowboarder. Your snowboard instructor will individually respond to the skills of the group and ensures that fun is to be had by all.

Just try it out!

We offer daily taster snowboard courses in Flachau, where you can try out snowboarding for a small amount of money under the guidance of a trained snowboard instructor. Should you then decide to take part in a snowboard course, the amount paid for the taster course will be deducted from the course price!
By the way, we also offer all-inclusive packages for snowboarders at the snowboard school Sport am Jet in Flachau. They include the snowboard course as well as the complete snowboard equipment!

Video - Snowboard course

Video - Snowboard course Video - Snowboard course

Video - Freeride snowboarding

Video - Freeride snowboarding Video - Freeride snowboarding

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