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Bambini (3 & 4 years) - half day
from€ 156,-
Kids & Teens (7-14 years) - full day
from€ 85,-
Telemark Workshop
from€ 149,-
Segway Almtour
from€ 55,-
Segway Light Tour Flachau
from€ 39,-
Segway Panorama Tour
from€ 69,-
Young Gun's Camp (10-16 years) - full day
from€ 85,-
Snowboard course Kids - full day
from€ 85,-
Segway Lake Tour
from€ 52,-
50,- EURO Voucher
from€ 50,-
Skilessons Adult Beginner
from€ 85,-
Kids (5 & 6 years) - full day
from€ 89,-
Segway Rental 1 to 2 hours
from€ 35,-
Privatstunden Ski __ EN Name
from€ 79,-
Snowbike Workshop min. 5 people - 2 half a day(s)
from€ 39,-
more details
from€ 10,-
more details
Stoneman Taurista
from€ 29,-
more details

General information

With the Premium and Superior e-mountain bikes you always have a tailwind. So no mountain is too high for you!

With INTERSPORT Rent e-mountain bikes there are no more limits. With “the” sports equipment it means: higher, further, faster. No matter how high or steep the mountain is. Enjoy the powerful acceleration!


Product 1
E-Mountain Bike Kids 24" & 26" from € 39,00 from € 212,00  Buchen
Book now
E-MTB HT Premium from € 49,00 from € 243,00  Buchen
Book now
E-MTB HT Superior from € 59,00 from € 287,00  Buchen
Book now
E-City Bike Premium from € 45,00 from € 225,00  Buchen
Book now
E-MTB Fully Premium from € 49,00 from € 243,00  Buchen
Book now
E-MTB Fully Superior from € 59,00 from € 287,00  Buchen
Book now
E-Racing Bike Superior from € 59,00 from € 287,00 Buchen
Book now
*All prices include 20% VAT.

E-Bike Kids 24"c& 26"

Special features:

  • For every terrain
  • Perfect support
  • Power when it matters
  • Ideal geometry for children

from € 39,00

E-Mountainbike Hardtail Premium

Special features:
  • Ingenious e-mountain bike models
  • Perfect support
  • For every terrain
With the premium e-mountain bike you always have a tailwind. So no mountain is too high for you!

from € 49,00

E-MTB HT Superior

Special features:
  • High end e-mountain bikes with the best components
  • Perfect support
  • New bike experience in a class of its own
  • Maximum riding comfort thanks to different frame sizes
Branded eMTBs made of high quality components - light and stable. The Porsche among the hardtails!

from € 59,00

E-MTB Fully Superior

Special features:
  • Light and stable frame
  • Front and rear suspension travel
  • Top enduro bike for rough terrain
  • Strong electric motor and long-lasting battery

from € 59,00

E-MTB Fully Premium

Special features:
  • Full suspension e-bike
  • Stable frame
  • Ideal for single trails

from € 49,00

E-City Bike

Special features:
  • Deep entry
  • Maximum driving pleasure on longer tours
  • Stable driving behavior
  • Long battery life

from € 45,00

E-Racing Bike Superior

Special features:
  • Light weight
  • Extremely powerful electric drive
  • Long-lasting battery
  • New personal top speed guaranteed!
  • Light racing bike with a powerful electric motor

from € 59,00

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