Ski course for children at the childrens ski school Sport am Jet in Flachau, Austria
Ski & play lessons at the childrens ski school Sport am Jet in Flachau with BOBO the penguin.

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Ski & play lesson

Test out skiing daily from 10-12 (except saturdays)
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Bobo Kinderclub

Maskottchen Bobo der Pinguin

Learn how to ski with Bobo

Childrens ski course in Bobos Kids club at Sport am Jet

 How the groups are split in BOBOs Kids club®



Learn how to ski whilst having a lot of fun

Children usually start skiing between the ages of 3 and 5. The dividing of the groups is mainly done by age (for example 3 years – Minis / 4 years – Group 1 / 5 years – Group 2 / up to 13 years - Group 10).

More important however is a group which has been based on the childs individual needs, skill, capability, courage and their current ability. BOBO the penguin helps the ski instructors with their work. Playfully the children, in the play and ski lesson and in the childrens ski course, are gently guided on the technique of skiing. In the process they will be informed about Bobo's adventure stories and his travels across the Alps.


Photos from your childs ski course

Collect your pictures from Bobo, you and your friends from the kids ski group at Sport am Jet in Flachau. Also available are some great holiday souvenirs like a puzzle, sticker and other fun articles: To the Photo shop »

Philosophy of the BOBO KIDS-CLUB®, the ski school for children from the age of 3

Bobo the Penguin

First attempt on the skis with Bobo

Make new friends

 Make new friends

Quicker learning success

 Quick learning progression


At the childrens ski school Sport am Jet everything is about BOBO the Penguin, who is not only our Mascot, but above all is your good friend on the ski slopes.

The BOBO KIDS-CLUBs® in Austria supervises  approx. 150.000 children on a yearly basis. The BOBO KIDS-CLUB® was formed with a special childrens programme which not only teaches our young guests the perfect ski technique, but creates a child friendly atmosphere where the children can thrive.  

In addition to the sophisticated lesson concept, based on a four part listening game,which tells the stories of Bobo the penguin and his adventurous journey accross the Alps, these are all teaching aids which support this;

  • Motivation
  • Child psychology
  • Safety
  • Educational learning
  • Recognised child suitability


In order to support all these ideas, the partners of the KIDS-CLUB®  regularly take part in training sessions, which cover the philosophy, the idea and what is behind this concept. Above all they are given practical tips on how to supervise the children.

The central theme is obviously the connection to the ski lesson plan which is taught using the story of Bobo.

Why only one penguin? Why is he called BOBO? And how is it that a penguin is in the mountains and is learning to ski?

The concept that has been developed together with educational experts, has not only been done for children, but with their help the final decision fell away. Five different figures were developed (bear, kangaroo, groundhog, rabbit and penguin), with which the children could play with in a kindergarten for a whole month. The Penguin was the absolute favourite and was spontaneously christened BOBO by a child.
This result formed the basis for the entire further development of the system.
Further information about the BOBO KIDS CLUB® »

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