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Winterholiday in Flachau - Wintersport bei der Ski- & Snowboardschule Sport am Jet
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New from summer 2021
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Corona measures for the season 2021/2022

(recommended Corona measures, updated 04.10.2021)

We, the Sport am Jet Ski School, will do our utmost to protect both our guests and our employees as much as possible throughout the upcoming season so that everything can run smoothly and safely. We would also like to point out that for your protection and ours, some safety regulations will apply and some additional measures are necessary.

These measures are subject to constant evaluation and adaptation in coordination with the official requirements, the regulations of our partners - especially the lift companies - and the guidelines of our interest groups and health authorities. The safety measures are constantly updated and adapted to the respective situation, therefore changes may also occur during the season.
Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Generally speaking, skiing is an outdoor sport and the chances of being infected are much less than when indoors. We will try to maintain the social distancing requirements wherever possible and to minimise all personal contact. We ask you in general to show consideration and appeal to everyone to be responsible.
Face masks and hand disinfectant

Face masks and hand disinfectant

In all of the indoor areas of the Sport am Jet ski school, we kindly ask our guests from the age of 6 onwards to wear a face mask. Besides the normal face masks, you can also wear bandanas, buffs, scarves etc. as a face mask. The important thing is that your mouth and nose are completely covered. We also expect the obligatory hand disinfection when entering and leaving our premises. All sales outlets and receptions are equipped with glass protection.
Booking online

Booking online

All of our ski school offers can be booked online. We kindly request and recommend our guests to make use of this facility. You can book the services you require from the comfort of your own home. The tickets are prepared in our office, which saves you time and minimises contact.
Max 4 Kinder pro Gruppe

Small children - “Bambini“

For ski courses for children from the age of 3 to 5 (Bambini course), the groups will consist of no more than 4 children. This minimises the risk and upon close contact the ski instructors will wear a face mask.
Lunchtime supervision

Lunchtime supervision

For the children's courses, lunchtime care with food can be booked again for this season. Should there be tightening due to COVID regulations of the federal government, booking changes may be necessary at short notice.
Ski races and prize giving for the guests

Ski races and prize giving for the guests

Our guest ski race will continue to take place fully on a weekly basis. The start intervals will be slightly extended to avoid any congestion at the start and finish areas. All award ceremonies will be held outdoors within the group.
Guest with symptoms

Guests with symptoms

It should be taken as a matter of course that guests with symptoms of illness cannot take part in the ski school programme. We ask for your understanding on this point, only in this way can we all protect each other.


In the event of a positive Covid-19 ski course participant, it is essential to collect the correct data from all our guests (mobile phone number, accommodation, email) as quickly as possible, in order to prevent the virus from spreading.
 Isolation in case of symptoms

Isolation in case of symptoms

If symptoms occur in any of the children on the ski course, then they must be immediately separated or isolated from the rest of the group. Parents must ensure that they can be reached at all times and must pick up their child as quickly as possible.
Safety for our employees

Safety for our employees

For our ski school employees, we will do everything in terms of safety. In addition to correct briefings and rules of conduct, we will ensure a good standard of accommodation and working conditions and will carry out systematic testing and testing in the event of the slightest suspicion.
Free cancellation


Machen Sie sich keinen Kopf über die rechtlichen Stornobedingungen die wir in die AGB natürlich hineinschreiben müssen!



  1. Sie buchen – Sie kommen – Sie zahlen
  2. Sie buchen – Sie können nicht in den Urlaub fahren (weil krank, Corona, sonstige Gründe, egal) – Wir überweisen ihnen das Geld zurück!

Wenn sie online gebucht haben und Sie können nicht in den Urlaub fahren, dann müssen Sie nichts bezahlen. Wir überweisen das Geld sofort zurück (Wir sind ja kein Konzern oder eine Fluglinie, sondern ein Familienbetrieb) Aber bitte nicht 5 Minuten vorher stornieren, das wäre nicht fair!

  • FREE CANCELLATION is possible up to 7 days before the start of the course without giving reasons and without a medical certificate.
  • From 7 days up to 24 hours before the start of the course or even during the course, due to accident, illness, COVID, a travel warning, quarantine etc., cancellation is also possible free of charge on presentation of a medical certificate/note.
  • Otherwise our cancellation conditions according to AGB apply.
  • In the event of symptoms or feeling sick, please stay away and call the Corona Hotline 1450!

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